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Cisco ISR 2000 License

Cisco ISR 2000 License

The Cisco Integrated Services Routers is made especially for the challenging environments that are prevalent in the energy and utility sectors. These solutions include the licensed Cisco ISR 2000, which were created to support the communications infrastructure requirements of the energy delivery infrastructure across the generation, transmission, and distribution sectors.

 Cisco ISR 2000 License

This infrastructure consists of energy infrastructure owned by utilities and end users, such as substation applications supporting electrical transmission and distribution, renewable generation, oil and gas, water, distributed generation, co-generation, and trackside operations. The infrastructure also includes communication infrastructure for delivery applications like transmission pipelines, distribution mains, and service lines for water, oil, and gas. The licensed ISR 2000 is the perfect platform to support the Smart Grid and other energy delivery infrastructure needs of customers because they are designed for highly secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure. These ruggedized products have undergone rigorous testing and are KEMA certified to adhere to stringent substation compliance standards like IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3.

The Cisco ISR 2000 is a tough router designed for use in the wide range of communication networks used in the energy and utility sectors. Utility transmission and distribution substation substations are examples of harsh environments where the Cisco ISR 2000 might be used. Operators can gain from enhanced security, manageability, and network dependability thanks to the Cisco ISR 2000. The operating system that millions of Cisco routers deployed globally, Cisco IOS Software, is used by the ISR 2000. For NERC/CIP compliance, quality of service, and network management, Cisco IOS Software offers the advantages of integrated security. This helps to guarantee the integrity and priority of operational data communications.

Typical Cisco ISR 2000 characteristics are:

For more information, ISR License
  • Broad-based open-standards-based network security features.
  • IEC-61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliance for utility substation environments.
  • For maximum network uptime and redundancy, use high availability design.
  • Integrated security to support mandates for the protection of critical infrastructure.
  • Network and device management tools for deployments, upgrades, and remote monitoring.
  • A robust industrial design with a wide operating temperature range and no fans or moving parts.
  • Advanced quality of service (QoS) capabilities for substation communications like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), which are necessary for mission-critical communications.

Substation automation

Substation automation aims to address a variety of utility challenges by bringing more automation and intelligence to the power grid network. In order to comply with regulatory requirements, utilities are concentrating on enhancing network security, increasing grid reliability, and lowering operational costs. For reliable and secure two-way communication for substation automation, utilities can use the Cisco Connected Grid Router and Switch. In transmission and distribution substations, the licensed ISR 2010 and the ISR 2520 are both in use. Networking these points of presence gives network operators better access to the grid’s assets and makes it easier to locate, isolate, and fix outages.

To deliver top-notch routing, security, management, and network intelligence, the Cisco ISR 2000 expands upon the Integrated Services Router G2 (ISR G2) platform, which has won numerous awards. The licensed ISR 2000 offers integrated security to safeguard communication networks related to energy with its embedded hardware acceleration for encryption, optional firewall, and intrusion prevention. The ISR 2000 complies with NERC/CIP mandates and other cyber security standards that are specific to utilities. The platform also supports synchronous and asynchronous serial RS-232 interfaces, copper and fiber Gigabit Ethernet, and T1/E1 WAN interfaces with integrated CSU/DSU interfaces. Cisco ISR 2000 License

Cisco ISR 2000 Key Features

Network security, scalability, durability, and investment protection are all features of the ISR 2000. Your energy networks can be upgraded with the help of the modular architecture without completely replacing the routing platform’s equipment. As communications needs evolve, new modules can be added over time.

Integrating services.

  • ISR 2000 provides integrated services like advanced data routing, firewalls, traffic shaping, quality of service, and network segmentation.

Ruggedized to comply with substation standards.

  • Compliant with the ruggedization requirements of IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 substation standards.
  • For the highest level of dependability, natural convection cooling was used.
  • Extended EMI and surge protection for protection in substation environments.

On-demand services.

  • Each ISR 2000 comes pre-installed with a single copy of the Cisco IOS Universal Software. The Cisco IOS technology sets that require a software license to be activated are all included in the Universal image. Without having to download a new IOS image, this enables your company to quickly deploy advanced features. To support the new capabilities, more memory is included by default.

Management of a network.

  • Network management tools such as CiscoWorks LMS and Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) to aid in provisioning and identifying network issues.
  • Directly available embedded management tools in a Cisco IOS Software device that are capable of event detection and recovery.

Agile networks

  • Modular design makes it simple to service with spare parts.
  • For the most flexible installation options, it supports front or reverse cabling.
  • On both the Cisco ISR 2010 and the Cisco CGS 2520, modular, hot-swappable power supplies are supported.
  • Increased bandwidth, a wide range of connection possibilities, and network resilience are all provided by modular interfaces and power supplies.
  • The ISR 2000 Series modular architecture, which was created to meet customer business requirements, offers increased capacity and performance as your network requirements develop.
Cisco ISR 2000

Energy effectiveness.

  • Each platform comes with high-efficiency power supplies.
  • Following are some of the energy-saving features offered by the ISR 2000 architecture:
  • By integrating multiple services and making them modular on a single platform, raw material and energy usage are maximized.
  • Longer product life cycles that result from platform flexibility and ongoing improvements to hardware and software capabilities reduce all aspects of total cost of ownership, including material and energy use.

Protection for investments.

  • A modular design that supports both present-day and foreseeable interface cards.
  • Flexible layout, able to support network applications.

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