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F5 VIPRION Chassis License

F5 VIPRION Chassis License

The growing infrastructure of organizations puts more and more pressure on network administrators. As the application distribution network (ADN) expands and as a result tries to meet these growing needs, operational costs and complexities also increase. In this way, organizations cannot respond quickly to new needs and opportunities.

F5 VIPRION Chassis License

The licensed F5 VIPRION platform is a professional application distribution controller (ADC) that can provide different functionality by adding or removing development modules without disturbing users or applications. Instead of adding new devices and segmenting applications, network administrators can add the power they need to the network infrastructure only by using this solution. VIPRION provides organizations with the scalability needed to create a sustainable ADN strategy.

F5 VIPRION Chassis key features

Integration of devices

The number of servers and ADCs is reduced, and so are the requirements for power, space, cooling, and management.

Reduction in costs

With the F5 ScaleN architecture, operational cost and financial cost are reduced and the necessary flexibility is provided for rapid scaling, virtualization and application distribution at the device scale.

Achieving maximum reliability

With module and chassis redundancy, the application distribution network will always be available.

Increased intelligence

If your infrastructure becomes bigger and needs more power for layer 4 and 7 processing, SSL, compression, etc., just add an expansion module to the VIPRION chassis and the traffic processing will start automatically. For VIPRION it doesn’t matter if you use one, four or eight expansion modules.

Best possible performance

With professional layer 4 and layer 7 performance and SSL processing power, it is possible to manage and protect demanding applications.

Network simplification

VIPRION helps you simplify your network by taking the load off the server and consolidating devices, saving management costs and power, space and cooling costs in the data center.

With the excellent performance and scalability of VIPRION’s licensed solution, you can reduce the number of ADNs required to distribute the most demanding applications. VIPRION significantly reduces the number of application servers by removing the heavy computational processing load from one server.

Licensed VIPRION has the following key features too:

  • SSL encryption and ECC (elliptic curve encryption) in hardware
  • SSL encryption, speeds up encryption of transactions and group encryption to provide the best SSL performance on the market. Improved PFS (full transmission privacy) capabilities through improved ECC performance
  • Hardware compression removes the processing burden of traffic compression from the server. In addition, it also reduces page loading time and bandwidth usage. F5 OneConnect’s connection pool feature collects millions of TCP requests across hundreds of server-side connections. This increases server capacity and ensures that requests are handled well by the back-end system.


Increasing application and firewall performance

With capabilities such as industrial Layer 4 and Layer 7 throughput, connection processing and excellent SSL/ECC performance, the licensed VIPRION is able to handle the most demanding applications well. Also, this solution can take the load off the servers and integrate the application distribution network. In addition, the F5 BIG-IP advanced firewall management tool on VIPRION is approved by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) as a firewall solution.

By using this solution, it is possible to prevent widespread and multi-layered cyber-attacks to protect the public websites of data center applications. VIPRION’s excellent performance and protection capabilities against DDOS attacks are the result of combining FPGA technology with F5 TMOS technology and software.

F5 ePVA FPGA (Package Acceleration) offers you the following features:

  • Connecting Ethernet ports and processors
  • Protection against SYN flood hardware attack
  • Overlapping network support (VXLAN/NVGRE)
  • Support for F5 IP Intelligence Services along with blacklist, whitelist and graylist support
  • L4 offload, which guarantees a high rate of throughput and reducing the load on the software
  • Detection of more than 100 types of DAS and DIDAS attacks by hardware and preventing them
  • Support for hardware DNS caching that scales responses for fast service and application delivery (B2250).
  • Features selectable hardware profiles that provide different performance levels for target workloads. Primary profiles include improved L4 throughput on select platforms for Carrier NAT (CGNAT) or L4-centric traffic management solutions.

The licensed F5 Smart Coprocessor (prioritized ePVA) provides prioritized stream processing that reduces latency and improves processing performance (ideal for 5G networks). Flows with high computational demand and many objects such as L4 and QUIC traffic are identified by the auxiliary processor and their load is removed from the main processor and short-term flows are assigned to it.

By doing this, efficient use of the limited cache space of the coprocessor stream, increase latency and instability of the selected streams, as well as reduce the CPU utilization. This product is intended for service providers and large enterprises with equipment with high bandwidth streams (up to 256k).

Load sharing among modules

Using configurable partitioning, high-speed FPGAs, and advanced cluster multiple processing (CMP), VIPRION distributes the processing load not only within a single expansion module, but across entire chassis expansion modules.

For applications, any desired port can be used on the desired development module. As a result, cabling can be done in a way that makes the system simpler and the failure of the system less.

High power and flexibility with TMOS

The heart of VIPRION is F5’s unique operating system called TMOS, which provides an integrated system for optimal application distribution. It can also provide you complete control, visibility and flexibility for the entire service. TMOS helps licensed VIPRION intelligently adapt to the diverse and growing needs of applications and networks.

Reduce management time

You no longer need to spend a lot of time managing your app distribution network. The VIPRION unit is just as simple for admins as an ADC. An extension module is automatically selected as the main extension module and all settings and controls are copied to other extension modules. When a new expansion module is installed, it installs the firmware version from the original expansion module, copies its settings, and starts processing traffic within minutes.

Simplify networking with SuperVIP

VIPRION uses F5 SuperVIP instead of demanding application segmentation. F5 SuperVIP is a virtual IP that can cover several development modules of the VIPRION system. Demanding applications use SuperVIP to control the processing power of all system development modules.

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