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Veritas License The most important part of an organization is the “employees”, “data” and “systems” of that collection. Protecting data and systems is difficult due to their increasing growth in the organization and the complexity of its infrastructure. One of the major problems and major risks that most organizations face is the risks of information destruction. There are many reasons for data loss, including bugs in software, viruses, accidental deletions, hard drive failures, or natural disasters such as fire, flood, and so on. 



As a leading company in providing solutions for backing up and restoring data from servers and clients, Veritas Company offers a new series of backup software based on its file called Backup Exec to customers. With the help of this software, you can easily and with the least cost for data storage space and also in the shortest possible time to back up the data of different servers of your network license and restore in the shortest time. 


The importance of backup and backup 

Unfortunately, some managers of companies and business associations are not well aware of the importance of backing up data, and this ignorance can be the biggest threat to that community. If, for any reason, such as burning the hard drive, the data of the company or organization is lost, they just realize the need for a backup of the data. The importance of this issue becomes more apparent when you spend hours preparing a statistical data or any other project, but in a fraction of a second all your information is lost and it takes days or even months to retrieve that data and data. Take the time to re-prepare it. But if they backed up their data at the very beginning and at a much lower cost, they would have no problem at that moment, and with ease they would be able to recover their data for themselves and the collection under their supervision. 

Specifications of an ideal system 


There are several systems and technologies for backing up and restoring data on the network, each with its own characteristics. A good backup and data recovery system should have the following characteristics: 


  • Be able to retrieve information in the shortest possible time (according to the financial losses caused by one hour of work interruption in different departments 
  • It is possible to store different time copies of data 
  • It is possible to schedule backups according to the organization’s Security Policy 
  • It is possible to archive information and store it on the site (workspace) and off-site or outside the workspace (site-off) 
  • Backup should be possible in the shortest possible time so that all data can be backed up during non-working hours 
  • Ability to back up various systems and applications (such as Windows Shares, Oracle Databases, SQL, Exchange program 
  • Ability to backup different operating systems (Windows, Linux) 
  • Automatic backup is possible 


Backup Exec helps you to solve most of the problems related to backing up and restoring important information in your organization in the shortest time. This software helps you exceed the expectations of a simple data recovery program, reduce storage costs and ensure the security of confidential information. The software was previously offered by Symantec, but since 2016, Veritas Technologies has developed Backup Exec as an independent company. Backup Exec combines two unique features while maintaining high speed and reliability. The first feature is the ability to restore data on a different hardware and the second feature is the ability to retrieve data remotely. The result of this combination is the network administrator’s exceptional freedom of action to recover systems anytime, anywhere on any hardware


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