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WALLIX License

Wallix Access Manager

wallix License

WALLIX Access Manager provides a web portal for users and administrators. Administrators can monitor operations more effectively in real time:

  • Customizable web interface
  • No VPN needed for remote access
  • Global search for the entire Bastion infrastructure
  • Delegation to third-party systems for user authentication and identification
  • Multi-tenant architecture compatible with server environments with full instance isolation
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) integrates with any Bastion deployed using RDP and SSH architectures
  • Protect assets and systems with defined rules that can automatically allow or deny user access

Wallix Password Manager

This module allows administrators to manage passwords and enforce password policies. Security is enhanced by giving users access to the resources they need to do their jobs. This ensures that passwords and SSH keys are not disclosed or misused:

  • SSH certificate support
  • Periodic password change and rotation confirmation
  • Includes a library of dedicated password manager plugins
  • Cross app for password management and service account management

Wallix Session manager

Protect your critical assets from cyber-attacks with powerful and easy-to-use advanced session management features. Meet cybersecurity compliance requirements and monitor privileged session activity while increasing IT administrator productivity and enabling privileged access control.

WALLIX Session Manager provides IT leaders with a powerful solution to manage, monitor and control access to network assets with a strong security posture that ensures only the right people have access to the right IT resources.

Wallix Best Safe

WALLIX BestSafe is a modular endpoint security solution based on simple rules that are easy to implement with innovative technology. It requires no special infrastructure to install or use, effectively reducing the risk of security breaches on Windows systems. Monitor and control access and use of critical business processes by preventing attacks and their consequences with privileged user management that effectively combats malware.

Prevents the spread of malware between endpoints by monitoring and blocking critical endpoint processes and removing user privileges. With complete visibility into computers, processes, and applications, you can set rights and privileges for users, applications, and groups, and protect them with passwords that change daily, depending on the device.

Wallix Bastion key features

Stop malicious attempts

  • Trigger alerts or end sessions when malicious activity is detected
  • Distinguish legitimate user sessions from suspicious activity such as unusual command lines or prohibited applications
For more information, Security License

Monitor and review

  • Follow your sessions in real time with WALLIX 4-Eyes
  • Audit sessions via full recording and metadata extraction
  • Choose whether you want to receive automatic notifications when privileged sessions start

Use your defense

  • Centralize user and target system management
  • Create and enforce password policies for internal and external users
  • Configure rules and authorization conditions to automatically grant or deny access to the system

Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Get an all-in-one solution to meet access, data, and compliance requirements
  • Ensure internal security meets industry standards by protecting and tracking access to critical data
  • Meet specific regulatory requirements with access control, monitoring and auditing capabilities

Simplified creation and execution

  • Solution with minimal management time, resulting in optimized total cost of ownership
  • Rapid deployment without disrupting workflows
  • Bastion is easy to use and integrate, minimizing build-and-run time for IT
  • Seamless integration with existing security (e.g. AD)

Control access to resources

  • Real-time visibility into privileged activities, including session recording and metadata extraction
  • Authorized users can access authorized resources
  • Credential protection with automatic rotation
  • Limited visibility of resources and segregation of accounts
  • Identify suspicious behavior

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