PAM Solutions: Arcon vs Wallix

PAM Solutions: Arcon vs Wallix

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a security measure that allows organizations to control and monitor the activity of users with privileged access levels. User activities including their access to core business systems and what they are able to do. Most organizations order their systems at different levels, depending on the severity of the consequences the system should be used or abused.

Privileged accounts, such as the domain administrator and network equipment account, provide administrative levels of access to high-level systems based on higher levels of permissions. PAM solutions help administrators control access to business-critical resources and ensure the security of these high-end systems. This additional layer of security protects critical business systems, but also encourages better data governance and compliance.

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PAM Solutions: Arcon vs Wallix


A 2020 Verizon research report found that more than 80 percent of hacks involved the use of stolen or lost credit. A recent study by Centrify found that 74 percent of data breaches involve access to a privileged account. It is very important that organizations maintain login credentials, especially for high-end and high-risk systems.

PAM solutions provide this security by storing the login credentials of privileged administrative accounts in a secure repository, reducing the risk of them being stolen. To access these documents, users must go through an authentication process that shows they have access to the account. This process allows organizations to have a clear view of who has access from which account and from where.

Privileged Access Types (PAM)

Super User Account

This account is for network and IT and website administrators and has no special restrictions and can be used to add and remove users or configure the website.

Domain administrative account

This account provides special and global administrative access to the entire network based on the domain of that network, it is not very common and widely used, but it is very powerful and extensive.

Local administrative account

This type of account is used in endpoints, it usually includes a password and gives people access to their systems and information, as well as permission to edit information and make changes.

Secure socket shell key

This case is one of the keys and in fact one of the important and basic protocols to enter the basic and vital roots of the system. Root is a user account that has full access to all default commands in Linux and Unix operating systems.

Emergency account

It is a type of account that provides administrators access to desired points in critical and emergency situations. It is also known as Firecall.

Privileged business user

A business user is a special user who is not in the IT environment, but can access sensitive and important parts. This type of access is usually granted to those who deal with human resources (HR) or finance.

PAM Solutions

To use the PAM solution, software such as ARCON and Wallix can be used. Each of these software has its own features. In the following, we will talk more about these software.


The Arcon PAM product provided by ARCON NET company called ARCOS has a very high rating in the list provided by Gartner and has a strong competition with other similar products such as CyberArk, BeyondTrust and Dell in this field.

Due to the implementation and use in many financial and credit institutions and ministries around the world, this product has reached full maturity and now has the ability to connect to more than 50,000 devices. This licensed software also has the ability to communicate with all local products by the research and development department of this company to create a dedicated connector.

PAM Solutions: Arcon vs Wallix

ARCON PAM Features
  • Manage senior user access
  • Access management for remote users
  • Integrated and two-factor authentication
  • Management and control of senior user access levels
  • Protection against security threats caused by high-level access
  • Manage and control access to programs and operating systems
  • Prevent accidental or intentional execution of malicious commands with high-level access on critical systems

Wallix PAM

A robust privileged access management solution typically includes an access manager, session manager, and password manager to detect and mitigate all types of security threats.

Wallix PAM Features

The licensed Wallix software will help you to protect your valuable data and information against cyber attacks more powerfully and easily with Management capabilities and Privileged Session.

With the help of Wallix, you will be able to monitor cyber threats and monitor session performance. With this powerful tool, you will create better control and productivity for IT managers.

Scalability and simplicity in module selection

WALLIX is a modular solution. As a result, you can choose the right solution for you based on your needs and your organization.

WALLIX is set up easily and quickly, and special features are built in to make it easier for managers to use this tool. As a result, you and your IT team will incur lower administrative, maintenance and infrastructure costs.

PAM Solutions: Arcon vs Wallix

Remote access with more security and less cost

The more remote work is used in today’s world, the need for a secure environment and access with high security increases. Solutions such as VPNs cost a lot and will face difficulties with their complexity.

WALLIX will help you to have a new and affordable solution with higher security based on HTML5. A solution that can be used with any browser and will eliminate your need for connections such as RDP, SSH or telnet. With Wallix software, IT managers can have everything under their control in remote meetings.

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