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VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer)

VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer)

Applications must now be accessible in a variety of environments, regardless of time zones and peak usage periods, in order to enable remote work and ensure security at an unprecedented rate. Legacy infrastructure is unable to deliver applications securely and consistently because it lacks the elasticity, flexibility, and agility required. It is possible for infrastructure to become composable, automated, and intelligent without being constrained by the appliance-based approach thanks to the growth of containers, APIs, and observability requirements. Modern businesses require an on-demand app delivery solution like the licensed VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer) that is quick to deploy, simple to use, and supports multi-cloud consistency between on-premises and cloud environments.

VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer)

VMWare NSX Avi Key features

  • Service Provisioning is completed 97% faster.
  • Rapid problem-solving in a matter of seconds using client insights, application analytics, security, and app health scores.
  • TCO will be reduced by 30% thanks to support for any bare metal server, VM, or container running on-premises or in the cloud and on-demand application scaling.

High performance and auto scaling

Using automation that is driven by analytics and based on real-time traffic, scale up or down on demand.

  • Auto recovery for service engines
  • Continuous application delivery using self-service provisioning.
  • Environments for networks, clouds, and apps are automatically programmed.
  • Application auto scaling and on-demand load balancing are supported by CI/CD.
  • Full support for hybrid clouds that combine On-Premises infrastructure with Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Rapid Resolution

Visibility into network transactions comparable to a Google search for quick troubleshooting.

  • Real-time logging, recording, and replaying of traffic events.
  • Fine-grained information on end-user experience, security, and performance
  • Application troubleshooting using point-and-click methods without a black box
  • Round-trip times from beginning to end with latencies in between each network hop.
  • An instantaneous snapshot of the network posture using the application health score.

Lower Costs and simpler process

Elastic load balancing, just the right amount of capacity, and no overprovisioning

  • Subscription-based licensing model that is adaptable and does away with static capacity.
  • Application services that are consistent across multiple clouds without reconfiguration.
  • No overprovisioning of capacity, and ongoing hardware appliance maintenance, upgrades, and refresh.
  • Lower OpEx thanks to streamlined central management processes in VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer).
  • With software-defined load balancing on high-performance Intel x86 servers, special active-standby hardware is not required.


Automated provisioning

Using per-app load balancing services, automated virtual service provisioning.

  • Consolidated policies simplify operations.
  • Virtual IP (VIP) provisioning in a matter of seconds.
  • No manuals for individual appliance configurations.
  • Complete lifecycle administration using automated application delivery.
  • Complete automation using REST APIs, which supports quicker application rollout in Blue/Green and Canary deployments and gives DevOps teams access to self-service portals.

Advanced Load Balancer

The distributed data plane (Avi Service Engines) and the centralized control plane (VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer)) are separated by a software-defined architecture. Due to Avi’s complete REST API reliance, the CI/CD pipeline for application delivery can fully automate and integrate it. The “brain” of the entire system, the Avi Controller serves as a single point of management, intelligence, and control over a distributed fabric of enterprise-grade load balancers, application security, container ingress, and analytics.

The licensed VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer) Controller offers decision automation based on closed-loop telemetries and presents actionable insights based on application monitoring, end-to-end timing, searchable traffic logs, security insights, log insights, client insights, and more.

Web application firewall App Security

Avi’s web application firewall (WAF) has a distributed web application security fabric to enforce security through closed-loop analytics and application learning mode. This includes OWASP CRS protection, support for compliance regulations like pc. DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, and signature-based detection. To increase the effectiveness of resource-intensive operations, WAF offers an optimized security pipeline with a positive security model.

The licensed VMWare NSX Avi (NSX Advanced Load Balancer) with Cloud Services offers real-time feeds of new threat updates, including IP reputation, bot detection, signatures, and more, and automatically reduces false positives with advanced security analytics, detection, and enforcement modes. With end-to-end visibility, real-time app security insights and analytics offer actionable insights on performance, end users, and security events in a single dashboard.

It helps you:

  • Insights and analytics regarding app security in real time
  • Simple point-and-click security policies with central management
  • Shields applications from OWASP Top 10 threats and DDoS assaults
  • Updates on threats that are automated through Avi and Cloud Services
  • Elastic scale with a highly effective, load-based, automatic scale-out architecture
  • Precise policies require granular security insights on traffic patterns and rule matches


Kubernetes Services

Modern microservices-based application architectures that are one of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer services, have rendered appliance-based load balancing solutions obsolete. Containerized applications deployed on Kubernetes clusters require a scalable, enterprise-class solution for load balancing, global and local traffic management, service discovery, monitoring/analytics, and security.

Organizations adopting Kubernetes need a cloud-native approach to traffic management and application network services. For modern container-based applications, Avi offers a consolidated set of container services, including inbound traffic management in cloud-native, scalable, and enterprise-class containers, dynamic service discovery, and security.

Key features of this service

Traffic management and service tracking
  • Health monitoring
  • DNS / IPAM / power failure
  • Local and global load balancing
  • CI / CD and Blue-Green / Canary implementations
  • TLS termination, certificate management / automation
Security and visibility
  • WAF
  • Rate limitation
  • Authentication
  • Accept List / Reject List
  • DOS detection / attenuation
  • Transaction tracking and granular logging
  • Application and infrastructure performance statistics.

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