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F5 License

F5 License

F5 is an American company that started in the mid-90s. The company is headquartered in Washington State and is known as the largest manufacturer of ADC products in the world. Initially, the company started by producing Load Balancing equipment under the brand name BIG-IP. The function of this equipment was such that when a server in the network was shut down or there was a lot of traffic on it, this equipment helped the main server to respond to requests by sending part or all of the traffic on the main server to other servers. The company, which introduced the first module as Local Traffic Manager to the world of information technology, now has about 13 modules that operate in other areas such as network security.


F5 Security Equipment

The equipment produced by F5 License company works in the field of Availability, Security and Performance. These products include Local Traffic Manager, Application Security Manager, Access Policy Manager, Application Acceleration Manager, etc. Some of these modules and their licenses are very popular in Iran.

One of the best modules licensed by this company in the world is the Local Traffic Manager module. This module is very suitable for organizations that provide different services. With this licensed module, we can deliver the traffic of the servers that are in the Back-End of the organization’s network with a special priority.

So if we want to have a general definition of this product, we have to say that when we encounter a lot of traffic in the network and need to deliver requests at high speed to the servers that are in the back end of the organization, this module comes into play. In short, this F5 license module is used for traffic management and traffic load distribution.

F5 Company Solutions

Another solution that F5 offers for enterprise networks is to use a licensed Application Security Manager module. Today, about 60 to 70 percent of Internet traffic is on the SIP and HTTP protocols, which shows the importance of the HTTPS and HTTP protocols, and that all the traffic that is transferred for business in the world is based on these two protocols. In view of this, a solution must be devised for the security  of this sector. The solution that F5 is considering is the ASM module. Using this module, security can be provided for services that are exchanged on the Internet over the world. In fact, this solution is a device for providing security solutions in web-based software.

Another module that is well received among companies and organizations is the Advanced Firewall Manager module. What this module does is to prevent DDOS and DOS attacks. We know that DOS has different attacks and some of them cannot be stopped because they may increase the bandwidth of the network. Therefore, based on the Performance installed on our server, we can provide the required licensed F5 equipment and deal with attacks. In general, AFM is a special equipment to prevent data denial of service (DDOS) and firewalls for data centers.

For more information, Security License

F5 Company Solutions

Why Use F5 Products and Their Licenses?

In addition to their characteristics, the products of this brand have a high rank every year in the sources and reports that are published by various sources that evaluate security equipment. According to recent reports, F5 has always been the flagship of the Application Delivery Controller and Application Delivery Networking market in recent years.

By using F5’s products and licenses, companies can create flexible application options that are ready to meet the challenges of optimizing and securing applications in an ever-changing environment.

It is noteworthy that F5 products are used in very large collections. Because the products of this brand have a very high level of efficiency. Although these devices are expensive, they also benefit from high bandwidth. Because of this, using this equipment for small companies is not only economical, but these companies do not need this much server. Therefore, the company’s products are mostly used for banks or operators that have a large number of services.

Another issue is the modularity of the device, which means that the company is the only brand that offers a hardware platform, and you can implement the modules based on the licenses of the organizations that order and supply them.

F5 products

F5 License

Advantages of VCMP Technology

Another advantage of F5 equipment is the use of Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (VCMP) technology. Using this technology, systems can be categorized based on the various modules that exist. In other words, the device can be divided into several independent parts. Just like you have a physical device in your network, but on a logical platform it seems that there are several devices in your network that work separately, and it seems that each of these sections has its own independent equipment.

Another issue is the high availability of F5 equipment. Usually most existing brands when they want to implement High Availability in enterprise networks, the point to consider is that, when a device is purchased, the second device must be from the same platform. This is not the case with F5 products. Even if you have purchased another piece of hardware, you can upgrade it with a license for another piece of equipment. This leaves the hands of network managers in organizations.

F5 License Order Pricing

There are different ways to contact us for F5 order. The customers should proceed from price quote to order and link to our experts to give them the best information and guidance. Our experts give the accurate information to the customers to buy related F5 products and F5 licenses.

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F5 BIG-IP Hardware

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F5 Silverline

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