IP video management using milestone

IP video management using milestone

For installations of all sizes and shapes, you can use Milestone`s licensed video management solutions. XProtect makes it possible to manage a multi-site, high security installation or to safeguard your store from vandalism. The solutions provide centralized management of all hardware, servers, and users in addition to a highly adaptable rule system that is based on schedules and events.

IP video management using milestone

These are the major parts of your system:

  • XProtect Download Manager.
  • multiple servers for recording.
  • Installation(s) of the XProtect Smart Client.
  • Installation(s) of the XProtect Management Client.
  • Multiple servers make up the management server, which serves as the installation’s hub.
  • One or more installations of the XProtect Mobile client and/or usages of the XProtect Web Client, as necessary.

Additionally, your system includes fully integrated Matrix functionality for distributed viewing of video from any camera on your security system to any computer with XProtect Smart Client installed.

In a distributed setup, you can install your system on a number of physical servers or on virtualized servers.

When you export video proof from the XProtect Smart Client, the system additionally gives you the option of including the standalone XProtect® Smart Client – Player. Receivers of video evidence (such as police officers, internal or external investigators, and others) can browse and playback the exported recordings using XProtect Smart Client – Player without having to install any software on their computers.

With the installation of the most feature-rich products, your system is capable of supporting an unlimited number of cameras, servers, and users, as well as across multiple sites, if necessary. Both IPv4 and IPv6 can be handled by your system.

Explanation of the management server

The management server serves as the foundation of the VMS system. The configuration of the security system is kept in an SQL database, either on the management server computer or on a different SQL Server on the network. Additionally, it manages user authorization, the rule system, and more. You can use a licensed Milestone Federated ArchitectureTM to run several management servers, which will enhance system performance. A dedicated server is typically used to host the management server, which operates as a service.

Users establish a connection with the management server for initial authentication before transparently accessing the recording servers to access video recordings, etc.

Milestone`s IP video management key features

The sensible and trustworthy decision

A video surveillance system is much more than just the hardware and software when you purchase one. To safeguard what is most important to you, you make investments in the safety of your home, place of business, people, and possessions.

By selecting XProtect as your foundation, you are selecting a solution created by creative surveillance specialists who strive to address your challenges. More than 500,000 customers worldwide, including flower shops, universities, stadiums, and cities, have found XProtect to be the ideal solution after 20 years on the market.

Our application. your response

They are aware that every video surveillance operation is unique and that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Because of this, when milestone created the licensed XProtect, they used an open platform strategy. With the help of our open platform architecture, you can expand upon the solid framework of XProtect to produce a one-of-a-kind solution that is tailored to your business.

Continuous mental tranquility

A constant, dependable surveillance system is essential to the 24-hour operations of airports, casinos, jails, and other facilities. That entails a great deal of responsibility for you. Licensed milestone products take that duty very seriously. Due to the fact that they understand what it takes to create a robust, efficient, and dependable system, XProtect was developed by video surveillance specialists.

Software that is designed for today and tomorrow

From a handful of nearby cameras to thousands dispersed around the world, video surveillance comes in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of the initial setup, they are aware that you will eventually need to modify or expand it.

Modern system. simple to use

Be honest for a moment. Sometimes bad things do occur, and when they do, you need a complete picture to respond right away. Because of this, XProtect was created with both simplicity and sophistication in mind, allowing users to instantly take complete control of any circumstance. XProtect is made to be simple to learn and simple to use without sacrificing advanced capabilities, whether you use it frequently or only occasionally.

IP video management using milestone
IP video management using milestone

Trustworthy security

  • Your system and its data are safeguarded against both internal and external threats with a variety of security features that come standard with XProtect.
  • Other key features of this licensed solution:
  • Simultaneous digital multi-channel MJPEG, MPEG4, MPEG-4 ASP, MxPEG, H. 264 and H. 265 video recording of IP cameras and IP video encoders without any software limitations on number of cameras per server.
  • Two-way audio allows users to transmit and record audio from connected microphones and audio from the operator’s microphone to attached speakers.
  • Generic framework for storing and receiving metadata from clients and compatible devices.
  • Route traffic between multiple connected cameras and multiple clients requesting live view, playback and export.
  • Multicast one video stream to all XProtect Smart Clients. For traffic to reach distant networks, the infrastructure must support IGMP.
  • Multi-live streaming gives the possibility to define multiple streams for live viewing with different properties. It optimizes XProtect Smart Client viewing performance according to the available bandwidth and view layouts, which is ideal for deployments with remote viewing.
  • A dedicated recording stream enables optimization stream properties (resolutions, encodings and frame rate) for video storage and forensic usage.
  • Secure high speed recording database holding JPEG images or MPEG4, MPEG-4 ASP, MxPEG, H. 264 or H. 265 streams.
  • For MPEG4/H, recording characteristics can be controlled in a flexible manner. 264/H. 265 streams, making it possible to toggle between recording keyframes only or the full stream.

Milestone`s IP Video Management Solutions

Xprotect enterprise

Advanced IP video management software, XProtect Enterprise, is made for medium and large installations, primarily multisite, multi-server installations. It gives operators a productive way to control access to entrances, view an infinite number of cameras, and manage the entire monitoring system, as well as establish a foundation for evidence. Easy installation and management are features of XProtect Enterprise. Powerful features like configuration wizards and hardware auto detection are available in XProtect Enterprise. Large system installation will take a great deal less time and money as a result.

Corporate Xprotect

Powerful IP video management software called XProtect Corporate is made for large-scale installations in various locations. It accommodates an infinite number of sites, users, and cameras. In high security installations, XProtect Corporate gives you a strong feeling of security. Video recording is never interrupted, and access to the system is always maintained thanks to local storage on the memory card of the camera and failover and redundancy features on the management server.

XProtector Expert

Advanced open platform IP video management software (VMS) for medium and large installations is called XProtect Expert. Large systems with numerous Recording Servers can be effectively managed as a single uniform system thanks to its robust central management interface. It is simple to automate security actions and control external systems using scheduled and event-driven rules, which lowers the number of manual tasks. XProtect Expert is perfect for regular users and operators who want sophisticated live monitoring because it handles alarms effectively and lets you flag suspicious activity for later inspection.

XProtector Expert

Options for integration

  • able to automatically read and track vehicle license plates when used with XProtect LPR.
  • External applications can alter the configuration of the system using the system configuration API.
  • Compatible with XProtect Access for physical security that is video enabled, which integrates with intrusion and access control systems.
  • Through a basic message-based socket communication interface, generic event integration enables quick and easy integration of third-party applications and systems.
  • Supports Milestone ONVIF Bridge, which uses a standardized video-out interface that is ONVIF compliant to enable complete video interoperability in multivendor installations.
  • Compatible with XProtect Transact and XProtect Retail, which integrate video surveillance with ATMs, point-of-sale (POS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems for managing loss prevention and fraud.
  • The licensed Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) enables seamless integration of video analytics algorithms and other third-party applications in the XProtect Smart Client and Management Client.

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