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Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence

Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence

Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence

Breaches and attacks affect every organization. Cisco’s annual cyber security report tells us that many breaches cost more than 1 million dollars. Attackers can lure for months undetected and many customers are giving up trying to stay ahead of the bad actors. Attackers are getting smarter with many more tools at their disposal. Think ransomware, distributed denial-of-service and phishing attacks. Think about the headlines you see every day and there are many more forms of malware and attacks the threaten you on a daily basis. Attackers have unlimited attempts and resources to be effective.

These security teams have to be right, each and every time and there’s simply not enough people working in security to block all the threats. It’s relentless and getting worse. We can’t just stand by and let the bad actors win. Although, There’s good news! It doesn’t have to be this way. Cisco Talos is the largest non-governmental threat research organization on the planet. It’s an added group of security experts devoted to providing superior threat protection. Cisco is aware of more threats, more malware, more attackers than any other security vendor in the world.

Cisco takes the advantage away from the attackers via the world-class threat intelligence. Cisco has the broadest security portfolio in the industry spanning the endpoints network and cloud. You buy security to keep threats out and imagine that the threat is detected saying an incoming email to a branch office. Now imagine that once that email threat is detected your firewalls, your web gateway, your endpoint security is all automatically updated and defended against it. It doesn’t matter if threat was originally detected in your company or any other Cisco customer, your organization is still automatically protected from the threat before it ever gets to your network.

That is exactly what Cisco Talos does. It observes a threat once and protects it everywhere. in fact, Cisco actually blocks 20 billion threats a day, far more than all other vendors combined. Protecting all customers requires both breadth and depth of coverage. While some research teams limit them focused want read type, Talos provides protection against an extensive range of threats. Many security vendors claim to offer a platform or in architecture, but none of them match the effectiveness of Cisco’s threat intelligence that is the true proof of an architecture.

The best news you already have all of this threat intelligence at your fingertips if you own any Cisco security product. Now the bottom-line is “don’t let attacker hold the winning hand”. Cisco’s Talos threat intelligence is highly actionable by seeing the threat once and protect it everywhere. As a cisco security customer, you’re already protected by all threat intelligence. Although, the threat intelligence is delivered at no additional cost through all of Cisco’s security products, in the network and endpoints and cloud.

Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence

Devices That Offer Cisco Talos Threat Intelligence

Talos is the intelligence backbone for following Cisco security products and services:

  • Cisco ThreatGrid
  • Cisco AMP
  • Cisco ASA Firewalls
  • Cisco FirePower Firewalls
  • Cisco FirePower Threat Defense Firewalls
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Cisco ISR Routers
  • Cisco CWS
  • Cisco CES
  • Cisco OpenDNS
  • Cisco ESA
  • Cisco WSA
  • Cisco CWS

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