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Access Management Solutions

Access Management Solutions

Access Management is the process of identifying, tracking, and controlling the access of authorized users or specific users who have access to a system, application, or anything else in the field of information technology. Access management is a broad concept that encompasses all the methods, processes, and tools needed to maintain privileged access.

Access Management Solutions

The purpose of access management is to ensure that a user who is recognized by network administrators as an authorized user has the necessary permissions. The reverse should also be observed, it means unauthorized users should be prevented from accessing organizational data. Access Management can usually be combined with identity management. The role of identity management in organizations is to divide individuals into different roles and groups and define policies for each of them. The task of access management is also to ensure that these policies are implemented.

An access management system or application, such as Cisco ISE or Microsoft AD, stores various user maps and their user accounts. These systems can process user access requests based on data, profiles and maps.

Reputable global companies offer a variety of access management solutions, including IAM or PAM. IAM or Identity and Access Management, helps network administrators to change the user’s role and track their activities. PAM or Privileged Access Management is a set of security solutions that help to control, manage and monitor high-level access.

Access management benefits

Access management helps organizations maintain their credibility with users by controlling users’ access to services through software such as Cisco ISE and Microsoft AD. These security measures also help maintain the confidentiality of organizations’ information. Access management has other benefits, including:

  • It is possible to revoke accesses if necessary
  • It is possible to audit the use of services and track their abuse
  • The risk of errors occurring when entering data or using an important service by a non-specialist user is reduced.

How to choose Access Management Solutions?

Before choosing an access management solution, it is best to be familiar with the latest cyber security trends in the world. This is how you can identify the dangers that threaten you:

Access Management Solutions

Advanced MFA Solutions

Multi-factor authentication is a necessity to use the identity and access management solution. Given that the number of attacks on systems that use outdated two-factor authentication has increased in recent years, large organizations are looking to use stronger and more advanced security solutions. For example, many modern MFA solutions, such as Cisco ISE, use biometric and one-time passwords to enhance the security of organizations.

Managing third-party vendors

Giving full or even partial access to third party contractors can be a serious risk to the cyber security of companies and organizations. Companies need a solution to manage their third party vendors. This way they can see all their activities on the network. In this way, and using platforms such as Microsoft AD, they can manage the access of different groups of vendors.

Zero-trust security architecture

Various organizations around the world that use cloud services deploy IoT-based devices in their networks and implement their policies. Using this architecture requires identity management with secure access.

IoT security

As the use of the Internet of Things expands, it is projected that by 2020, Internet-connected “objects” will reach more than 20 billion. The growing popularity of IoT devices requires the development of new strategies and techniques for establishing IoT security. IDoT, which is the identity of objects and ensures the identity of a particular device, is considered as a solution to this problem.

Familiarity with emerging IAM trends is important because you understand what risks threaten your organization. As a result, you know what features your product should have, and you can more easily choose from a variety of products. Of course, solutions like Cisco ISE and Microsoft AD can always be helpful. In the following, we will point out the most important criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing an access management product.

High protection of important assets

In general, there are two main purposes for using Access Management Solutions in organizations:

  • To allow only people to access your network.
  • So that people have only the access they need.

Most access management solutions provide tools that will help you achieve both goals. Here are some things to look for when selecting your access management software:

  • Use a one-time password, which is very useful for protecting valuable information and assets. Also, this solution is a good option for when you want to give someone temporary access.
  • Manage and monitor the access of third-party vendors, which is essential to ensure the correct level of access and non-abuse of contractors.
  • Subscriber account personalization, which creates another layer of security in shared accounts with secondary authentication.
  • Use multi-factor authentication that does not have the problems of regular one-factor authentication and is more secure.



The Access Management solution must be compatible with the network architectures, operating systems, and SIEM systems used in your organization so that you do not have problems using it.

Easy to use and user friendly

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing access management software is its simple user interface so that you do not have any problems while using it. Both Cisco ISE and Microsoft AD platforms can be highly efficient and easy to use.

Active reaction to the incident

A quick response to an accident requires that you receive timely notifications from the system. Note that Access Management software should allow you to set custom notifications.

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