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Network Monitoring Using Netcrunch


Over the years, the network has become an integral part of business and our lives. Network monitoring encompasses a wide range of devices and services, from network devices and environmental sensors to servers and cloud-based applications.

NetCrunch is a comprehensive monitoring system without Agent and it has its own licenses. This licensed software is capable of monitoring thousands of network nodes (switches, routers, firewalls, UPS, printers, sensors, etc.). This system is installed on Windows and has a web, mobile and desktop console.

netcrunch license

NetCrunch efficiently organizes network data, automatically scans the network, and creates (logical and physical) network views and maps. This software supports all common operating systems such as Windows, Linux, ESXi/ESX VMware, X OS Mac and BSD.

Also, all types of common network traffic such as NetFlow, IPFix, etc. can be monitored in this system. As with most common software such as SQL MS and Exchange MS, this software has predefined monitoring packages. For this reason, it causes ease, accuracy and speed in defining and monitoring these softwares.

NetCrunch License is an affordable and easy solution to install and use for network monitoring. Thanks to NetCrunch, you always have an overview of the status and performance of various network components. Most importantly, you’ll get alerts in the event of any outages or performance degradation.

Netcrunch key features

  • Support for sFlow and jFlow
  • Monitoring software and files
  • Heartbeat and syslog enabled
  • It has compiler to add MIB scripts
  • Ability to create different dashboards
  • Management of logs and warning systems
  • Support for VMware and V-Hyper virtualization systems
  • It has a desktop, mobile and web console with SSL support
  • Network monitoring, servers, services and operating systems
  • Full cycle of monitoring, alerting, error recovery and reporting
  • The ability to explore the network without the need for an agent
  • Monitoring network equipment, nodes, sensors, UPS and bandwidth
  • Monitor Open NC to receive information from other software and scripts
  • The possibility of defining Service Lead and dependence between nodes to avoid errors in warning

NetCrunch is a comprehensive monitoring system without Agent. This comprehensive licensed system is capable of monitoring thousands of network nodes (switches, routers, firewalls, UPS, printers, sensors, etc.) and applications.

Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring

Netcrunch allows organizations to use various tools to identify their network problems. NetCrunch monitors the interfaces of various devices such as switches, servers, routers and firewalls, as well as storage devices.

The licensed NetCrunch allows you to understand the nature of traffic on your network by analyzing flow data from your routers. Thanks to the flowboard, you can find the main speakers in seconds.

Uptime Monitor

The uptime monitor with NetCrunch ensures that all your services are running smoothly. You can check the availability of every component of your IT infrastructure, including your hardware devices, servers, network services and cloud services. Receive an instant alert via email, SMS or push notification when a monitored service is down.

Log and Event Monitoring

Easily collect and monitor text logs and Windows event log events, Receive syslog, traps or web messages.

NetCrunch offers advanced event management, including conditional alerting and correlation. The most important view for the administrator is the Active Alerts View, which only shows unresolved alerts. This allows you to focus on current issues without having to sift through a history log.

Event Sources:

  • Syslog
  • Log4j Logs
  • Web Messages (Webhooks)
  • SNMP Traps
  • IPMI Logging
  • Windows Event Log
  • Apache Format Logs
  • Remote Text Logging via SSH
Network Monitoring Using Netcrunch

Network Monitoring Using Netcrunch

Monitoring of Services in the Cloud

NetCrunch can use various cloud monitor services from major providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

8 AWS Monitors

NetCrunch includes sensors for Amazon cloud services to monitor Amazon AWS Cost, Amazon EBS, AWS EC2, Amazon ELB, Amazon SQS, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon CloudWatch Alarms and Amazon Auto Scaling.

12 Azure Monitors

Azure Cost, Azure API Management, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Insights, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Logic, Azure Server Farm, Azure Service Bus, Azure Storage Account, Azure SQL DB, Azure Website, Azure Kubernetes Cluster

Monitor Cloud Drives

NetCrunch allows you to monitor OneDrive and Google Drive

4 Zoom Monitoring

Zoom Status, Zoom Plan Usage, Zoom Operation Logs, Zoom Account

Other Monitors

  • Gitlab
  • Pingdom
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Analytics
NetCrunch license

Network Monitoring Using Netcrunch

SNMP and device monitoring

Although SNMP was developed in the early 1990s to monitor networks, it can monitor anything. SNMP is a lightweight protocol and supports enhanced security with SNMPv3 authorization and encryption.

NetCrunch license is a complete solution for monitoring IT systems and its core is based on SNMP. It supports all versions of SNMP protocol, receives traps and notifications, and can also send and forward SNMP traps. NetCrunch comes with 8700 precompiled MIBs and MIB compilers, so you can easily import MIBs for your device.

Server Monitoring and Virtualization

Monitoring the hardware and software components of servers at all levels, whether they are separate physical boxes or not, is vital.

NetCrunch license offers monitoring solutions for all layers, regardless of the implemented virtualization layer. You can monitor hardware running IPMI, VMware ESXi hosts, Hyper-V hosts, major operating systems and Docker containers.Finally, it monitors the service applications running on it, such as mail servers, file servers, web servers or databases.

NetCrunch may collect various categories of data such as: B. health, performance, service status, storage and network.

Traffic monitoring

NetCrunch flow server enables the collection of network traffic information from various flow sources using IPFix, JFLOW, NetFlow v9, NetFlow v5 and AppFlow, CFlowT, netStream, sFow using rflow protocols. Application traffic analysis is done with different classifications, which include categories of applications, protocols and domains.

SNMP monitoring

NetCrunch uses SNMP to manage network devices (switches, printers, etc.). The program supports SNMP traps, trap information packets and includes forwarding traps. It also has a MIB compiler and more than 3500 compiled MIBs.

Operating systems monitoring

NetCrunch license is able to monitor the performance of Mac OS X and Linux, Solaris, BSD operating systems It is remote and through SSH. Windows monitoring is integrated with Active Directory and is capable of performance monitoring and Log Event.

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