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NSX Splunk Integration

NSX Splunk Integration

Current network and security solutions are often inflexible, complex, and vendor-driven. Therefore, it creates a costly barrier to fully determine the agility of software-defined data centers.

Network preparation in current operating models is slow. Also mobility and workload deployment are limited due to physical topology and manual preparation. Security limitations and physical networking have linked the dynamic virtual world with inflexible and proprietary hardware and created obstacles to optimize the network architecture and use its capacity.

NSX Splunk Integration

NSX Splunk Integration


The manual provisioning process and segmented management interfaces reduce efficiency and limit companies’ ability to speed up the implementation, migration, expansion and protection of applications and data in order to meet the company’s needs.

VMware NSX Network virtualization platform

VMware NSX is one of the leading platforms for network virtualization, which provides the operating model of a virtual machine for the network. Virtual networks like computing virtual machines are prepared and managed programmatically independently of the main hardware.

The licensed vmWare NSX completely recreates the network model in software and enables the creation and preparation of any topology from simple networks to complex Multi-Tier networks. This technology enables a set of services and logical network factors such as firewalls, load balancers, VPN, switches, logical routers and also workload security. In addition, users can create separate virtual networks through custom combinations of these capabilities.

VMware NSX license solves these data center challenges by providing a completely new operating model for networking. This model overcomes the barriers of current physical networks and provides the possibility for data center operators to achieve greater agility and cost-effectiveness.

VMware NSX provides a complete set of services and logical and simplified networking factors, including routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN, QoS, monitoring, security and logical switches. These services are prepared in virtual networks and through any of the cloud management platforms that use NSX APIs, and are provided separately and multi-tenancy in any type of topology. Also, virtual networks can be used without interruption in any of the existing networks and hypervisors.

How the NSX works

The licensed NSX network virtualization approach, like server virtualization for Compute, allows data center operators to consider their physical networks as a pool of transmission capacity that can be used or repurposed as needed.

The virtual machine is considered as a container for software that provides logical CPU, memory and storage for the program. A virtual network is also a container for software that provides logical network factors for connected workloads, logical switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPNs, and more.

Virtual networks are created programmatically using the main physical network as a Packet Forwarding Backplane and then prepared and managed. Network services are distributed independently of the main network hardware or topology in each of the virtual machines. As a result of this, the ability to dynamically add or move the load is provided, and all the security and network services related to the virtual machine are also moved anywhere in the data center.

NSX Splunk

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk license is an advanced, scalable and effective technology that indexes and searches the files recorded in a system. Splunk analyzes this machine-generated data to provide action plans based on machine intelligence.

Splunk is a software primarily used to search, monitor and review machine-generated Big Data through a web-based user interface. Splunk captures, indexes, and communicates real data in a searchable environment through which it can create various charts, reports, alerts, and dashboards. It aims to create machine-generated data readability across the organization. Splunk is able to recognize data patterns, generate metrics, diagnose problems, and use machine intelligence for business operations purposes. Splunk License is a technology used for application management, security and compliance, as well as applied business analytics.

With the help of Splunk software, it is easy to search for specific data in a complex data set. As you may know, it is difficult and challenging to detect current configuration problems in log data. To make this easier, there is a tool in the Splunk software that helps the user diagnose configuration issues and view the current settings being used.

How will Splunk help your business?

With the changing landscape of Big Data, countless technologies are emerging in this market every day. However, few of them are distinguished by their good performance. Splunk is one of the booming technologies. Its growing demand and the suitability of its jobs for professionals with diverse educational backgrounds have made it an attractive field of career opportunities. Therefore, if you want to have a job in the field of Data Analytics, learning Splunk will guarantee your success. It took eight years to develop Splunk. Splunk is the first choice among many companies in the Big Data revolution.

Splunk is growing in many aspects of technology and other industries including finance and insurance, IT, retail, business and many more. Many organizations around the world use Splunk for business needs, cybersecurity tasks, understanding customer behavior, preventing fraud, improving service performance, and reducing overall costs. Splunk is used worldwide by organizations such as IBM, Salesforce, Facebook, HP, Adobe, etc.

Splunk Enterprise

VMware NSX and Splunk Integration

There are add-ons to use unique features in Splunk or NSX to integrate these two software. One of them is Calsoft, which works with the customer to create a Splunk plugin that would discover and configure NSX components to transmit system logs to the Splunk listener and analyze the logs to create dashboards useful and create widgets. This plugin was developed for:

  • Provision of a configuration page for the administrator
  • Discover and Configure Syslog Settings in NSX Components
  • Analyze logs received from all NSX components to create meaningful dashboards and widgets for administrators

Advantages :


Single-point scanning of the NSX environment allowing administrators to quickly view potential issues in the Achievements :

  • Met aggressive deadlines
  • Plugin implementation for Splunk certification
  • The plugin has been implemented according to Splunk standards

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