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What’s the difference between SOAR and SIEM?

How SIEM and SOAR Work Together ?

Why do I need SOAR if I have a SIEM?

Can SOAR work without a SIEM?

“SOAR works excellently alongside a SIEM, expanding the SIEM’s powerful capabilities to effectively analyze, investigate, and respond to alerts. A SIEM is a great alert source, with its ability to aggregate and detect anomalous activity. The addition of a SOAR tool for escalation of notable alerts gives security teams with a SIEM the ability to add automation to their workflows and much more.

What’s the difference between SOAR and SIEM? [See the infographic]

How SIEM and SOAR Work Together ?

Even though other tools have come along that provide alternatives to the SIEM-centric SOC, a SIEM is still an ideal alert source, with its ability to aggregate and flag anomalous activity. Those alerts can be then escalated to an integrated SOAR platform, either manually or automatically based on SIEM rules. The SOAR platform can then be used to analyze the alert, determine if it is a genuine incident, and orchestrate the necessary response across other integrated systems. High-quality integrations between SOAR and SIEM are also bidirectional, allowing the SOAR platform to query the SIEM for more information, and update it when the incident is resolved.

Why does an organization with a SIEM still need SOAR?

Adding SOAR extends SecOps functionality across the full incident lifecycle, with features including:
  • Alert enrichment with threat intelligence, IOC correlations, and other data
  • Incident-specific, automation-powered playbooks
  • Orchestrated actions across the security environment, leveraging hundreds of integrations
  • Comprehensive dashboards and reporting

Can SOAR work without a SIEM?

Many organizations that don’t have a SIEM still benefit greatly from SOAR. A SIEM is just one of the many alert sources that SOAR can integrate with. Even in organizations that have a SIEM, their SOAR tool will aggregate alerts from EDR, email protection, cloud security tools, and others—along with receiving incidents that are manually reported. SOAR can work perfectly well without a SIEM because many common use-cases begin from these other alert sources.

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