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SolarWinds VM License

Solarwinds VM

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) is an insightful tool for capacity monitoring, performance management, planning, and optimization. It included resolving vSphere and Hyper-V drive issues in minutes to ensure the system experienced less downtime. In addition to optimization recommendations, the solution also provides proactive alerts that help assess the health of the virtual machine and improve its functionality.

SolarWinds VM License

SolarWinds VM License


Virtualization is a scalable computing solution that helps reduce IT costs, increase productivity and agility, and enable more automated processes. However, managing virtual machines can present challenges. A single virtual server environment can contain multiple virtual machines running concurrently on a single computer. With so many moving parts, how do you determine what is causing the virtual machine performance issues? Virtual machine performance management is a strategy that collects health and status metrics from all your virtual instances.

Solarwinds VM License key features

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager provides multi-hypervisor alerts and fixes in a single window. Resolve virtual issues faster with intuitive performance, capacity, storage, and configuration dashboards. Save virtual resources and reduce hardware costs with VM Sprawl. VMAN also provides configuration management and alert remediation. All of these features are combined in one product that is easy to download, deploy, and use.

Learn About Virtual Server Performance

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) dashboards are designed to demonstrate virtual server performance for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. VMAN is designed to provide environmental views capable of automatically mapping virtual machines (VMs) to their underlying hosts, storage, and related objects, allowing you to quickly see virtual server performance correlations.

Detailed alerts in VMAN can also provide you with hypervisor-specific conditions, thresholds and custom troubleshooting recommendations, as well as status alerts about your physical host so you can analyze the overall hardware health.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

 Storage I/O performance is a common source of bottlenecks in vSphere and Hyper-V environments. SolarWinds Virtualization Manager is designed to give you a comprehensive view of all shared storage from a single pane of glass.

Customizable dashboards integrated with VMAN can provide key storage metrics such as read/write access, IOPs, performance, and more. Storage contention issues can also be seen at the cluster, host, and VM level, allowing you to address them at the right time to better prevent application performance issues.

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Testing virtualization capacity with modeling scenarios 

The virtualization capacity planning feature in VMAN allows you to run what-if modeling scenarios such as Access existing virtual machines and use the host to view the impact of one or more hosts failing.

SolarWinds VM

You can also use VMAN virtual machine monitoring to determine whether your virtual machine is running smoothly or not, to see which resources might be bottlenecked in the event of a device failure, and to determine the impact on your environment when a device fails. Add hosts or resources. Add toOverall, VMAN(SolarWinds VM License) helps you understand how to balance your environment to improve virtual machine performance and capacity efficiency.

Virtual Machine (VM) Capacity Planning and Management Tool

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) includes a VM capacity planning feature that allows you to predict CPU, memory, network, and disk space requirements for your Microsoft Hyper-V can and VMware vSphere environments.By using current resource constraints and virtual machine growth statistics, you can more easily determine your hardware purchasing needs. Use VMAN to model future server and hardware expansions to see if your environment can scale to meet workload demands. With VMAN, it’s easy to view consumption trends to determine resource alert and outage dates, or adjust the sampling period to create custom capacity plans for peak or off-peak usage.

Investigate Virtual Server Performance Issues

SolarWinds PerfStack and AppStack dashboards are also available for use with VMAN virtual machine monitoring tools to help you diagnose performance issues. PerfStack compares and analyzes multiple metrics across multiple products at once to provide a visual historical timeline. AppStack graphically represents monitored nodes on a custom map, enabling quick visual scans of virtual machine health and one-click drill-down into node details. The combination of these tools can help provide more comprehensive virtual machine performance management.

Recommendations for troubleshooting active performance issues

Virtualization Manager has built-in actionable intelligence that provides recommendations to optimize your VMware, vSphere, and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Detailed recommendations alert you to specific performance issues and include the ability to run the fix. The recommendations can result in a multi-tiered solution to achieve the optimal performance state and reduce CPU, memory, and storage contention.

Delete Orphan VMDK files

Orphan VMDK files are virtual disks that remain in the virtual infrastructure even after the associated virtual machines are deleted. These orphaned VMDK files eat up usable disk space, leading to resource contention issues.With a virtualization management tool, you can instantly identify and remove these files to free up usable disk space without logging into vCenter.

Proper Sizing of Your VMs

Proper sizing of VMs is a necessary measure to control VM sprawl. It also makes it easy to maintain optimal CPU and memory settings. You can resize virtual machines that are under- or over-allocated resources (vCPU, memory) to improve performance. With a virtualization monitoring tool, you can perform sprawl management tasks such as adding or removing CPUs, adding or removing RAM, and removing virtual machines without logging in to vCenter.

Recover wasted resources

Frequent creation of virtual machines leads to virtual machine sprawl. Over time, many virtual machines become obsolete and continue to consume virtual resources. Increase storage capacity by removing virtual machines that don’t turn on for a long time. These virtual machines tend to consume disk space without actively using CPU and memory. Additionally, you should examine virtual machines that are idle and have a high co-stop percentage for resource contention and performance issues.You can reclaim disk space by removing high disk usage virtual machines from snapshots. Also, can verify VM sprawl by reclaiming wasted resources.

SolarWinds License

Optimizing Virtual Machine Placement and Capacity

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager(SolarWinds VM License) provides a Hyper-V capacity planning tool to determine the best placement for virtual machines. The tools in Virtualization Manager are designed to average resources per cluster and compare cluster-by-cluster resource constraints, which can help determine the ideal location for future workload placement. Other built-in VM performance visualizations, such as Graphs such as scatter plots can show you IOPS and latency for current VMs and provide accurate storage expectations for future workloads.

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