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Activating PLR License on Cisco ISE

Activating PLR License on Cisco ISE

Activating PLR License on Cisco ISE

Using Cisco ISE PLR license is an easy and intuitive method to enable all features on the Cisco Identity Service Engine platform. Essentially, Cisco permanent license reservation counts as a secure and reliable licensing for highly protected environment where no inbound or outbound connection is allowed. Cisco PLR or universal license, can be activated using an authorization code provided by Cisco. For this matter, Customers should generate a request code, from Cisco ISE web interface, and share it with our sales experts. After that, you will receive the authorization code provided by Cisco’s gold partners. After that you can follow the following steps in order to register your device:

After completing the Cisco ISE first deployment, on the CLI enter Setup so you can enter ISE initial configuration. After that, you could access the Web interface using the assigned management IP. Please make sure, use the https:// before the IP address.

Then, log in to the device using the adjusted username and password.

PLR License

To enable the license reservation feature on the ISE platform, Open the Hamburger menu.

Hamburger menu

Then from the Administration tab select the Licensing option.

Permanent License Reservation

Then select Permanent License Reservation option and click on the Generate code. Copy the generated code and send it for us and receive the authorization code provided by Cisco. Then enter the code in the box and click on Enable. After these steps your device would be fully registered and ready to work. 

PLR licenses

Please notice that PLR licenses are node-locked which means that customers CAN NOT transfer it between different platforms. Each authorization code that you have received, is specified for your current product and no one can abuse it.

Also be noted that every single PAN needs a separate PLR license for management capability. So if your network design includes 2 PAN/MnT plus fully distributes PSNs (any number) you only require 2 Cisco ISE PLR license for your network.

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