Cisco ASR License

Cisco ASR License
Cisco ASR License

Cisco ASR Routers 

Cisco ASR stands for Aggregation Services Router designed by Cisco which is used primarily for edge routing. These routers provide high bandwidth applications such as streaming audio or video, or video conferencing. The ASR 9000 Series has core routing capabilities as well. The ASR routers can all handle up to 100 G Ethernet. 

The ASR series of routers currently consists of the ASR 900 Series, the ASR 1000 Series, the ASR 5000 Series, and the ASR 9000 Series. 

The ASR series provide more features and higher performance levels compared with ISR routers license. ASR routers can manage faster Ethernet and support higher port density, up to 100G port speed. In this family, the ASR 9000 Series is the only router in either series that has core routing capabilities. 

The ASR routers’ product instances could be registered on the Cisco Smart Software Manager which handles Cisco smart licenses centrally. Also, for highly-secure environments Cisco ASR PLR license is also available for activating all device features.  


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ASR and ISR Series Similarities 

The ASR and ISR series both provide secure WAN connectivity and also enable secure sensitive data using the PSN Interim IPsec Profile. The ASR 9000 series provides cloud access like all the ISR series; however, none of the other ASR series grant cloud access. 

ASR and ISR Series Differences 

The ASR series routers are for enterprises and service providers, whereas ISR series are for small- or medium-sized networks. Since the ISR series are for less computing-intensive environments, they have a much smaller footprint than the ASR series. 

Because the ASR series are for large-scale applications and large enterprises, they have more features and higher performance levels. For example, ASR routers can handle faster Ethernet, up to 100 G versus the 10 G capabilities of the ISR series. 

The ASR series also has a higher port density. Additionally, the ASR 9000 Series is the only router in either series that has core routing capabilities. 

Cisco ASR Routers License 

Cisco ASR routers support hybrid licensing. Customers can use both traditional licensing method like using PAK licenses or benefit from Cisco’s most recent smart licensing model.


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